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Rebuild Manufacturing – the Key to American Prosperity is a non-fiction book that describes the current state of American manufacturing, discusses what are the main threats to rebuilding American manufacturing and recommends what strategies and actions should be implemented to rebuild American manufacturing.

The author analyzes how trade agreements have affected American manufacturing, what role "reshoring" plays in rebuilding American manufacturing, and what is currently being done to rebuild American manufacturing.

The book shows how American innovation and advanced manufacturing contribute to rebuilding American manufacturing and how we can solve the skills gap and attract the next generation of manufacturing workers.

It provides case stories of how some American manufacturers are succeeding against global competition by developing innovative products and becoming Lean companies.

It concludes with specific recommendations of strategies, policies, and actions that can be taken by government, industry, manufacturing associations, and companies towards rebuilding the manufacturing industry in America.

Readers will have a better understanding of the importance of manufacturing to the U. S. economy and will be motivated to do what they can to participate in rebuilding manufacturing in America.